The Process

Here’s what you can expect when working with Mary Elizabeth on a full scale design…

The designer will meet with you at your property for an in-depth consultation to discuss your vision and goals.  Good communication is extremely important. We listen!

Designer will come to the property at additional scheduled times prior to preparing the plan to survey, take detailed measurements and photos, and to visualize. You need not be present, but designer will consult with you before doing so.

Dr. Elliot Parivar, Professor of Botany

"Marybeth was my top student at Los Angeles Pierce College, where I taught 'Principles of Horticulture' and 'Botany for Horticulture.' She has a very impressive resume, with immense knowledge and experience in the fields of horticulture, landscape design and construction."

garden design
Designing Your Plan

Based on your discussions, a unique plant picture presentation will be prepared specifically for your landscape.  The presentation will include photos, light and water needs, size, species, botanical and common names of each plant.  The list is meant to be a guide to assist you with plant choices. The designer will also provide pictures as well as physical samples (if available) of hardscape items and materials for your selection.

AutoCAD Design

Based on exchanges of information, a draft design plan will be prepared and presented for further discussion and adjustments. Two additional revisions will be permitted with no additional fees. A final scaled plan will then be completed. Any further changes will require additional hourly designer fee.

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